for solo piano

duration: 17 mins
published by: Composers Edition

Programme Note

i. Cockle Glare
ii. A Fly Called Henry
iii. what’s going on in there?
iv. Moagli
v. Clampance
vi. what’s going on in there?
vii. Misteree

This set of piano pieces was composed for my friend, Yve Poprawski, who runs a dance school in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. They are conceived to work both as a concert work, and as music that can – potentially – be danced to. Most of the dancers in Yve’s school are children, so it follows that many of the ideas and characters within the piece are prompted by narratives originating from my own children, Oscar and Ariana, aged 7 and 5 at the time of writing. Indeed, many of the movement titles were made up by my children, and carry with them direct associations. Children love to move, so this composition is an exploration of different types of movement, tempo and metre, designed to elicit a desire to move, or dance.

This work is dedicated to my children, Oscar and Ariana Whalley.
Programme Note