Aram-Poitou August 2018: performances in Concerts en nos Villages series

During his time teaching on the Aram-Poitou Composition Masterclass in France, alongside Peter Swinnen, Richard Whalley performed in two concerts as part of the ‘Concerts en nos Villages‘ series:

7 August 2018 in l’Église St. Pierre-ès-liens, Cissé

Mozart – Sonata for Violin and Piano, K.304 with Reine Collet (vn)

9 August 2018 in l’Église Saint-Martin, Blaslay

Richard Whalley ‘Five Preludes

Helmut Lachenmann ‘Guero’

Brahms – Horn Trio, Op. 40 – with Reine Collet (vn) and Pierre-Aurélien Faller-Galerneau (hn)